Monday, November 26, 2007

Fire insurance

The other day one of my friends was listening to CHVN, our local Christian radio station. They heard an add about how to become a Christian. It began by saying, "you have house insurance. You have life insurance. You have car insurance. You need fire insurance." Salvation was simply viewed as fire insurance! This is absolutely terrible theology.
First, making salvation equal to fire insurance makes it a product that you buy. However, salvation is not a product that we purchase, or even are given. Salvation is all about relationship with God through Jesus our Messiah. Making it anything less than this destroys the very essence of what it is about.
Second, this view of salvation cheapens what Christ did on the cross. The cross is view as a gimmick to get us into heaven. Get your insurance and you get in - nothing else matters. You don't need to really love God, or submit your life to him, just have your 'paper work' in proper order.
For these reasons I believe that "fire insurance" salvation is actually not preaching salvation at all.
Now CHVN should really know better. They are representing Christians on radio and therefore they should be professional. Bad theology should not be part of what they teach on the air, especially theology that distorts what Jesus was all about.

Friday, November 23, 2007