Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Christian Right = Fascist?

Last night on The Hour with George Stroumboulopoulos there was an interview with Chris Hedges. Christ claims that the Christ Right are a bunch of fascists and should be resisted.
Watch the interview American Fascists

What do you think?


Paul said...

I didn't see Chris Hedges on "The Hour," but I did hear him on "The Current" this morning. Basically, I agree with pretty well everything he says. The Christian "Jihadists" of the relgions right are a threat to most of the values we as Christians should cherish (love, compassion, caring for the poor--incl. the 'underserving' poor, btw, etc.)

People who believe that they have a monopoly on the truth are always dangerous. The fact that we, as Christians, are in that position should evoke a great humility and caution in us. Their message of "Grace, but..." or "Grace, plus..." is a distortion of the Gospel, and makes them just as dangerous as any other fanatics.

Anonymous said...

I saw the interview as well and what I saw was a bitter man brought up in the church and has rejected it. However, there is a small element of distorted truth to what he says. An example is "battle cry" the youth program dressed up like a facist movement; when in fact it is just another means to an end. That end being that all come to Christ. Face it, we have an accepting religion and we will get criticism from all over. From the MSN point of veiw it is easy to pick out a few saved people and point fingers and call them hypocrites. This is propogated when the church picks up on this and we call each other similar names. It then comes back to the Church to keeping the main thing the main thing. If we truly point people to Christ and they come to Him, the Church's job is done. There is no hidden agenda. Jesus Christ is the truth and the truth shall set you free.

Ben said...

Thanks for your comments Paul and Dave.
Dave I agree that the goal of the church is to draw people to Christ so that they can follow him.
However the problem is that I happen to see what Chris Hedges is saying. There does appear to be an element in the church that is intolerant and unloving.
I truly see that our mission is to call the world and Christians to follow Jesus.
Paul I agree that we need to have great humility and caution as we reach out to the world.