Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Richard Dawkins

The other day I watched this interview (Richard Dawkins) on The Hour. Richard Dawkins raises some interesting comments about Christianity, actually about all religion. At times I agreed with him. There are times when as Christians we have been asked to set aside our brains and just take things by "faith". One time I can remember in my life when this happened. I wanted to go to a museum. I had a thing for dinosaurs a kid and I was in a city that had this great dinosaur museum so I asked if we could go. I was told "no, because we don't talk about dinosaurs." Dinosaurs were used to prove evolution and therefore I was told to ignore the facts. And it is this attitude that Richard Dawkins gets so upset about (I also get upset about it).
This interview also made me ask a couple of questions - which I am now asking you.
What is faith?
And can we live without faith?


Sister C said...

Let's not stop thinking I agree but that guy was out to lunch he made very little sense because Athiesm requires faith too. I hope that someday he finds Jesus the real truth.

Ben said...

I agree Cindy. We should pray for Richard.

John Heppner said...

I really do feel sorry for people who have no belief in something like are GOD who has proven time and time again that he is here and he controll's the world. I find it hard to belive that we are here on earth just to live and die, and not to experiance something in the after life.He talk's about experiancing life but this life is nothing compared to what GOD'S heaven will be. Again I feel sorry for him and will pray for this man who call's are GOD all such negative verb's.Yes we know are GOD can be an angry GOD, but his love is what gives us the choice to choose him or not. And not forth himself as GOD on his people he created. Blessed be are LORD.