Friday, March 14, 2008

God all-knowing?

I have been looking at the confession of faith for my conference. In the commentary on the confession of faith we state that God is all-knowing. Now if knowing is more than just head knowledge but also experiential knowledge. Is God truly all-knowing? Does God know everything experientially? Specifically I started to wonder if God has ever experience shame or guilt.
Two ways I see that it might be possible for God to experience shame and guilt.

There was a man who had a son. When the son was grown up he set his heart to do evil all the time. The son continued in his evil behavior for many years. Soon everyone knew about this son's evilness. As time passed the community began to associate evil with the son's family name. Does the father experience shame even though he has done no wrong?

There was once a man who decided to never wash or change his clothes. As time passed his body and clothes became filthy. This man and his clothes were infested with fleas and lice. He was miserable. One day another man passed by, this man had just had a bath and had bought new clothes. When he saw the filthy man he had compassion on him. The man with new clothes offered to trade his clothes with the filthy man. Once they trade clothes would not the clean man now experience the consequences on the filthy man's choice to not wash? Is this not sort of like what Christ does for us - taking our sin upon himself?

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