Wednesday, July 15, 2009

This past weekend my church hosted the EMMC international conference in our town. It was a lot of fun (and work). I really enjoyed meeting people, worshiping God, and attending great sessions. David MacFarlane was the speaker at the main sessions. On Friday night he gave talk on "eight signs of a missional church"
  1. Outward focused
  2. Movtivated by Hope
  3. Intentional
  4. Equipping
  5. Community for missions
  6. Innovative
  7. Transformation
  8. Exciting and fruitful
I found this talk exciting and challenging. As a church we are doing good in some areas. But we also have a lot of room to grow.
I want to do three things better:
Personally share the good news of Jesus with people
Be more intentional as a church in reaching out to our community
To plant churches

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