Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Church Planting congress

Just finished day 2 of the church planting congress here in Calgary. My head is very full of information. It has been great - wish my whole church was here with us.
Allow me to share a couple of highlights from the morning sessions:

Glenn Smith
Said a lot of the same things as Mike Frost from the night before. One thing he did talk about was the need to take place seriously. He said that God always works in a certain place with a certain people. Glenn gave a few principles of how the church should work with neighborhood.
  1. We need to have a commitment to interpret the triune God to the neighborhood. We may be the only bible that they will ever read.
  2. We bear witness to Jesus and all his teaching in word and deed.
  3. Christian education for the whole church seriously
  4. We need to bring our hearts and heads together.
Mike Frost - So far this has been the best session I have been in
Mike asked how we know when someone belongs to our church? He then said that most likely feel that they belong to church if they attend the Sunday morning service. In Mike's church they define belonging by practices. They have five practices and to belong to the church you have to do them. They are
Bless 3 people every week
Eat with 3 people every week
Listen to the Holy Spirit at least once during the week
Learn about Jesus once every week
Sent - journal about how God has sent you this week.
What would it look like if our churches were defined around practices instead of Sunday morning services?


Pastor Michael said...

Frost is definitely the pro on site. He delivers well, has wit and humor.

Ben said...

I totally agree.