Wednesday, December 02, 2009

2nd Sunday of Advent

This coming Sunday is going to be focused on issues of justice. The kingdom of Jesus is a kingdom of justice and peace. I do not believe that Jesus came simply to get us into heaven. In fact I am completely convinced that he came so that we may become like him (be his disciples) - getting into heaven is byproduct of being forgiven and changed.
So in keeping with our theme of advent conspiracy let me ask a couple of questions:
1. What things did Jesus challenge or change in order to bring justice and peace to this world? As his disciples what things are we to challenge or change?
2. Does Christmas promote justice? Or are things about Christmas that promote injustice?

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Sister C said...

God comes as a baby in a manger - he challenges my view of him. He becomes closer and more tangible.

We are to change peoples distant view of God and show them/tell them, about Emmanuel-God is with us.

Giving gifts to the needy is an act of justice, so yes. Buying toys made by people paid unfair wages is an act of injustice, so no.