Monday, April 19, 2010

City boy in the country

I have lived in a small town for 7 years now. And I love it. However occasionally I still find myself acting like a city boy.
The other day, for example, my wife had gone for a run down a trail near our house. After about an hour I drove out to see how she was doing (she was doing great and did not need a ride). At the trail head I found a dog leash just lying there. It was in great condition so I picked it up and brought it home.
That evening my wife saw the leash and asked where this came from. So I told her. She looked at me completely horrified. I wondered what was wrong.
Apparently someone had been walking their dog down the trail. And they had dropped their leash off at the trail head. People in small towns do this kind of thing. Leave stuff on the side of a trail and pick it up on their way home.
So now as a pastor I had stolen someone's leash. What to do?
Cindy had meet this person on the trail but did not remember their name. So she asked some people if they new a blond lady who had a black dog. And yes, without too much difficulty we found the owner of the leash and returned it. Though I do have to admit that I felt really silly.


Anonymous said...

Ben, I've been a country girl for 25 years now and yet, the first 19 years of "growing up city" left their mark. I still slip into a citified kind of thinking and have to shake my head and remember where I am now.
(you made me chuckle too b/c I would have probably done the same thing)

Anonymous said...

I so agree!! Thanks for being so honest! I've been there too! : ) Diane Maybee, Havelock ON
PS will be praying for you all while in Asia!!