Friday, December 10, 2010

The Man Box

So does the church culture promote "the man box"? Or are we helping men step out of "the box"?

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faithatwork said...

Perhaps to some extent the church, but to a much greater extent our culture promotes the "man-box" -- to be posers - to display a sense of (fake) strength. Is there a genuine difference between the church and popular culture in this sense? I'm not convinced. The church like our culture fails to help boys grow up to be men. To a large extent not only are today's men posers and wanna-be's displaying a false sense of strength, but also don't know how to claim and apply real strength men ought to have - like speaking up for justice and truth and walking into situations that may turn ugly and where victory is not guaranteed. On one side we have the "man box" and on the other we have really "nice guys". My question is: which one is greater?