Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Why give up your Sunday morning?

This question has caused some good conversation. Some people have told me that it was actually difficult to answer (which they found a bit worrisome). But there were several reasons give to me on why we should come to church. Here are some of them:

  • We need others. The Christian life cannot be lived alone. Once we are out of relationship with other believers it seems to inevitable that we will begin to lose our passion
  • Sunday morning is a scheduled time when we come together as a community. This allows us a place to connect, pray for each other...
  • We are able to worship alone - in fact we should be worshiping alone. However there is something special, unique about worshiping God in a community of faith.
  • This is a time when learn. We should be learning on our own but sometimes we just need to learn with others.
  • Our weeks sometimes fill up and our time with God gets pushed aside - Sunday morning is a time to refocus, recharge.
Doing stuff together
  • Sunday morning creates a place where we can pool our resources together to do something together
  • Sunday morning is a time when we can hear about what God is doing in the world through us (also it is a time to just hear what God is doing in the world.)

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