Friday, August 05, 2011

Interesting - the demise of guys?

I have often heard about the link between porn and guys not functioning well with the opposite sex. But what do you think about his stating that excessive video gaming is just as destructive?


Anonymous said...

The thing about porn and also homosexuality is that it is always a sin.....There is never a time that you could participate in it and be doing what is right in God's eyes. Plus God condemns people who do not repent of these sins even to hell.

Ben said...

I think you missed the point of this post. This post wasn't intended to define what things are sin and what things aren't. Or to explain why a person may end up in hell. Or what God condemns. (Fascinating discussions for another time)
The point is to discuss how men fail to relate to women. And what I found interesting was in the list of things that cause this he links "excessive gaming" to this failure of guys.