Thursday, September 18, 2014

Love our enemies

We are commanded to love our enemies. 

Is this love?
  • Can we truly say that we love our enemies if we kill them? If our heart's desire is that "iron man" or "Rambo" would go in and wipe those people off the face of the earth can we say we love them?
  • Do we pray that God would kill them? If in our prayers we ask that God would smite them, send down lightening and zap them all, can say that we love them?
  • If we wish they would burn in hell, is that love?
Love may look like:
  • Praying that God would rescue and bless them. 
  • Wishing, hoping, longing, that at the end of time when when we stand before Jesus entering heaven these enemies would stand beside us as our brothers and sisters. 

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