Thursday, October 19, 2006


Today I am a little bit upset with my government. The conservatives have done several things in the past week that have really annoyed me.
First thing that they did was Vic Toews introduced a bill in that would make it easier to make people dangerous criminals. Now I have to admit that I do not know the specifics of this bill. But it seems to indicate the overall response the conservatives have to justice - tougher sentences. There is no conversation about how to help convicts get adjusted so that they reenter society. The conservative answer for everything is tougher sentences. However tougher sentences do not bring justice. Tougher sentences are not a deterrent. Tougher sentences do not help rehabilitate prisoners. In fact our whole justice system seems to be a joke. It appears that our system of justice is not really about justice but is about punishment. Instead of trying to do something good the conservatives introduce stupid bills which may win them some votes but do not bring justice.
Second thing that really bugs me is the new environmental bill they have brought forward. What a joke. Within the bill it states that there would be no strong caps on green house emissions until 2020 or 2025. Now that is a long time away. I am wondering why wait that long. In 2020 will the conservatives still be in power? And we all know how well the bills of an opposing government last. After all the Liberals said we will meet Kyoto. Conservatives get into power and say no. To me it looks like another way for them get a couple votes without really doing anything but talk.
This brings me to the third thing that they did this week that bugs me. They threw Garth Turner out of their party. Now I do not really know who Garth Turner is (I just heard about him this week). But it seems like (according to the news) that his crime was telling people what he thought. And apparently his thoughts did not always line up with the conservative majority. So the conservatives decide to throw him out. Now the problem I have is that I believe that everyone should have the freedom to speak without being punished. But I guess the conservatives disagree. If you disagree with them then they are going to just toss you out.
Now I am actually glad that the conservatives are in power. If nothing else to just get a change from the corruption and bold face lying of the liberals. But over all I am very displeased with many of the things that conservatives are doing. Many people voted for a change. So far there has been no change or in my opinion the change is for the worse. I guess this is why we need to always lift them up in prayer.

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