Thursday, October 05, 2006


I would like to pay a small tribute to my Grandma. On Monday I attended her funeral. She was 88 when she died and had been married for 59 years.
My Grandma was an amazing woman. Her heart and passion were fixed on Jesus. For many years her and my Grandpa spent many years on the mission field. They made the decision to give up many of the things that we all desire to serve God. And serve God she did. One of the great things that she did was to pray. I discovered at the funeral that she would pray for her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren every day. This means that she prayed for me my whole life. I am sure that her prayers have made a great impression on our lives - greater than we realize. She was also a woman who would surprise you. She a very humble and quiet person but would do things that we very surprising. At the funeral I discovered that she once voted Green. This really surprised me because I was sure she would have been conservative %100 and never green. She also continued to want to learn. When she was in her 80s she was still memorizing portions of scripture. A few weeks before she died she got her first computer. In fact they tell me that some of her last words were "email".
I am privileged to be her grandson. She always inspired me to be a better person.

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