Monday, December 11, 2006

Loving others

In my last blog I listed some things that I think would be evident if we loved Yahweh more and more. Today I am going to explore what would it look like if we truly loved each other. Once again I am going to just ramble (which means I am going to post things in the order that they come to my mind and not in the order of importance).
What would it look like if we truly loved each other:
  • We would be praying for each other
  • We would work for the best of the other person
  • We would serve the other person
  • We would see the good in the person and not just the bad
  • We would build them up and not tear them down
  • We would let other people know that we love them
  • We would be honest with each other
  • We would confess our sins to each other
  • We would bless others and not gossip about them
  • We would spend time together
  • We would laugh and cry together
  • We would help each other
  • We would welcome the stranger in
  • We would care about the poor and the outcast
  • We would see Jesus in other people
  • We would challenge each other
I believe that the essence of it is that we would live in real community with each other, a community that is open and loving, supporting and challenging.
To live like this will take God in us.

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