Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Making Disciples

In my past couple of posts I have been exploring what I think are the three foundational things about Christianity: Loving God, loving others and making disciples. I have been asking the quesiton what would this look like. To be totally honest I think that the first two questions are actually easier to answer. This is often what our church talks about - loving God and loving others. And I want to say that this is a good thing. However we sometimes leave out the whole making disciples thing. Or prehaps it would be better to say that we leave the making disciples to the some of the minstries in our churches and do not feel responsible to do it ourselves.
Well if we are going to explore what does it mean to make disciples than we should know what a disciple is. So what is a disciple of Jesus Christ. A disciple is a person who loves Jesus and wants to follow him (which means that they will love people). Now a lot more couple be said on this whole issue but I am not going to do that right.
So what does it mean to make disciples?
  • This is everyone's responsibilty not just the pastors or the leaders
  • A willingness to challenge people
  • A willingness to encourage people when you see good things
  • Praying for people
  • A willingness to share our stories about how God has worked in our lives
  • Sharing with people what we are learning from the bible
  • Studing the bible together
  • Praying with each other
  • Helping others know and follow Jesus
  • Being intentional in our families
  • Willingness to talk about our whole lives (not just the safe things)
Well these are a couple of the things that I can think of. Any other thoughts?

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Sister C said...

my thought - I can do that.
It is tangable
thanks Ben.
LOL I do the bottom one well -talk about my whole life - check my blog.