Thursday, January 24, 2008

Training our children

An interesting understanding about training our children from the book Our Father Abraham,

"The Hebrew of Proverbs 22:6 is hanokh la-na'ar al-pi darko, literally "Train [start] a child according to his [the child's] way." There is a great difference between the training of a child according to the child's way (i.e., encouraging him to start on the road that is right for him), and training him according to a way chosen, prescribed, and imposed by the parents. The former is in keeping with the child's unique God-given bent, disposition, talents, and gifts. It it considerate of the uniqueness of the child; it does not treat all developing personalities the same. As Derek Kidner has correctly observed, since the training prescribed in the verse is "according to a child's way," this verse implies "respect for his individuality and vocation." In short, "the instruction of youth, the education of youth, ought to be conformed to the nature of youth." (page 293)

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