Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Authority of the Bible

Christians claim that the bible is authoritative. What is meant by this is twofold - first that the bible is God's word, literally. The bible is what God has to say to the world. Second is that because it is God's word we are called to obey it.
Now this belief is under attack right now (and has been for a long time). As the church we have defended the authority of scripture, argued for it, written about it. But have we convinced anyone?
I personally don't think we are going to convince very many people about the authority of the bible by well reasoned arguments. One of the reasons for this is that Christians have used the authority of the bible to justify all sorts of injustices. We have recognize that this is our past and regrettably this is our present (as seen in the health and wealth gospel).
What will convince people is if they see the power of God in our lives. If through reading/studying/submitting/meditating on the bible we become more loving and more engaged in justice it will be evident that the bible is authoritative in forming us to be truly human.

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Sister C said...

Yes that is so true. Good post Ben.