Friday, February 15, 2008

Genesis and anxiety

Walter Brueggemann in his commentary on Genesis says the creation/fall account deals with anxiety.
"This text may be brought to comment upon the power of anxiety among us: (a) The causes of anxiety among us are wrongly discerned . This text fixes the issue in terms of accepting the realities of our life with God. Our mistake is to pursue autonomous freedom. Freedom which does not discern the boundaries of human life leave us anxious. (b) The attempts to resolve anxiety in our culture are largely psychological, economic, cosmetic. They are bound to fail because they do not approach the causes. (c) Our public life is largely premised on an exploitation of our common anxiety. The advertising of consumerism and the drives of the acquisitive society, like the serpent, seduce into believing there are securities apart from the reality of God."
"Failure to trust God with our lives is death."

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