Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Question everything?

I have grown believing that all questions are allowed. Every and any question is legitimate. Nothing is out of bounds. We can question everything and anything. In fact I was encouraged to engage in this kind of activity.
This is not how everyone grows up though. In fact many people are actively discouraged from asking questions. Questions are viewed as dangerous. One of the verses that is pointed to is Genesis 3:1.
In this verse the serpent comes to Eve and asks her a question. A question that leads Eve (and Adam) to rebel against God. Proof that questions are dangerous. So, we should avoid asking and questioning things. Right?
Well I am not convinced. In fact if you keep reading the story God enters the picture and asks questions. In fact God keeps asking more and more questions. Through out the bible God does not seem to be upset at all with people asking questions. So, since God does not get angry at people for asking questions, and even asks questions, all questions are allowed. Right?
Well... As I was pondering Genesis 3:1 I wondered if the serpent's question was really a legitimate question. The question seems to be designed to lead Eve astray. Instead of being a question that seeks truth.
So perhaps not every question is legitimate. Perhaps it really depends on our motive. Why are we asking this question? Do we want the truth? Do we want to justify some behavior? Our motives may shape the answer we get.
Keep asking questions? I believe we should. But we need to screen our questions to make sure that we are asking honest questions not illegitimate ones.

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