Wednesday, September 08, 2010

LifeLight Festival

Last weekend my family and I went to the LifeLight music festival. We camped with a couple friends.

Positive things:
  • Camping with friends
  • David Crowder Band was great
  • Need to Breathe and Group 1 Crew also rocked
  • I did enjoy Family Force Five's acoustic set - though they sure did not seem like they wanted to be there
  • It was amazing seeing people make/renew commitments to follow Jesus
  • The speakers emphasized surrendering our total life to Jesus - what a great focus
  • Famous Dave's pork sandwich
Things I didn't enjoy so much:
  • Screaming bands - which we could hear very well at our campsite, and which went on till about 2am. Though I did find it humorous trying to fall asleep to band screaming "Die, die, die, die..." Glad my kids had fallen asleep by then.
  • Sometimes it felt a bit like a Christian pep rally
  • The concert wasn't really free - we were guilted into giving money
Over all it was a good experience. The best part was hanging out with friends. Will see if we go next year.

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Sister C said...

I had such an awesome time dancing with you ... and worshiping - that was my fav!