Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sunday's sermon

The text I will be preaching on this Sunday:

Things to consider:
Why does Jesus tell his disciples that they have little faith? After all in their panic they turn and call out to him.

The two questions in this passage I have found very provoking:
"Why are you afraid?"
"What kind of man [Jesus] is this?"


Peter said...

The other question about this passage that comes to me is: what reaction was Jesus wanting them to have?

Ben said...

That is what I am wondering. What would a faith filled response to the storm have looked like?

Matthew Wall said...

The heathen call out to God in their greatest times of fear as well. The reason he said that they had little faith is because they were afraid. The reaction Jesus was looking for was a bunch of guys rowing for their life, working with the resources that he had given them to deal with the situation at hand. Stopping the work that they had to do because of undesirable and even terrifying circumstances shows that they did not have the faith that he would eventually require of them in the future when they would be hung up side down from a cross, sawn in pieces, imprisoned, burned at the stake, fed to lions, etc...