Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Song of Solomon

Pierre Gilbert - workshop
(Here are some highlights - I know I am missing some things that Pierre taught us)

Song of Solomon is a love poem - it is not a metaphor for Jesus and the church

Written to combat the predominate understanding of sexuality found within that culture

The surronding cultures' understanding of sexuality

  • manipulation of the gods
    • It was a way to induce the gods to bring fertility to the earth
  • exploits women
    • Women only true value is having children
What the Song teaches us
  • Sexuality is a wonderful gift from God
  • Sex is always within the context of loyalty (marriage)
  • It is to be done with kindness and respect
    • Women are not sex objects but are people to be treated with respect and dignity
Other points:
Sex has the power to do great good and great harm.  People's lives have been destroyed because of sex.

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