Friday, January 04, 2013

The rift-raft

On Sunday there was baptism in my church.  It was a beautiful thing.  It always is.  
But this time what stood out was the rift-raft.  Standing among all the people who were there on Sunday it was just so clear that we are all a bunch of rift-raft.  None of us has it together.  We come from different backgrounds, from the traditional Mennonites to the tattooed rebels.  The testimonies told stories about failure and messing up.  And how God reaches down and saves.
This is our story.  I am mess, but Jesus has reached out and rescued me.
Looking around the sanctuary I was convinced there is a God.  Because the transformed lives of the people getting baptized are not because of our greatness, in fact it seems to actually be in spite of us.  Jesus is doing something amazing.


Unknown said...

Reminds me of a song:

Ben said...

That is a good song. I had never heard it before. Love the line "What good is it to say please savior come
If there is nothing you need rescue from"

Michael Krahn said...

Yeah, she's got a few good songs. That's one of my favorites.