Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Fear of the Holy Spirit

Francis Chan, in Forgotten God, asks what fears we have regarding the Holy Spirit.
Personally I can think of a few (irrational?) fears:

Turing off your brain. At times trusting the Spirit comes across as not thinking. Too much critical thinking and logic can be seen as stifling the Spirit.

No discernment. Everything and anything can be written off as a leading for the Spirit. Since it is the leading of the Spirit it cannot be questioned. 98% of the time when people have told me God lead them to do something they are not asking for conversation and discernment. The voice of God has been used to kill discernment. A side note, it is strange how often God changes his mind. And that change of mind often involves the opposite gender.

These fears have caused me to limit my openness to the Spirit. But these are the easy fears to admit to. Chan raises two other fears that I would like to deny having (though that would be a lie):

What if God doesn't come through?
What happens if I ask for God to fill me or to lead me and nothing happens? It is easier and safer to hold back, to not expect God to show up in my life. 

Do I even want this?
Do I really and truly want God's Spirit to lead me and guide me? Am I prepared to live that kind of life? Am I prepared to go anywhere and do anything for Jesus? Really, go anywhere and do anything.


Gerry Giesbrecht said...

So Good!

Something I've been learning lately is that if I want my life, all I need to do is what I want. If I want Christ's life, I need to submit to his Spirit, and that may mean taking risks. One of the gifts of the Holy Spirit is discernment, and the more time we spend in his word, the more we recognize his voice, and can distinguish between his voice and the stranger's voice.

People read your blog! It's encouraging! Keep seeking after God and his kingdom! Matthew 6:33!

Ben said...

Thanks for the encouraging words.
You are totally right that the Holy Spirit does give us discernment. Often I need the courage to actually want (accept) the Holy Spirit's leading. Not just use Christian language as a cover to do what I want.