Friday, August 25, 2006


I was just listening to Ray Vander Laan. He is a historian, focused on the culture of the bible. He runs a website called follow the Rabbi (you should really check this site out it). Anyway I was listening to him talk about what it meant to be a disciple. It was really interesting. One thing really struck as he talked. He told a story about when he was taking a class from a Jewish professor. The professor was saying that a disciple is consumed with a passion to be like their master. He then looked right at Ray and said that Christians claim to be disciples of Jesus. However unless they read the gospels every week then they are not really his disciples.
That is right. Reading the gospels every week. And he means reading the whole gospels not just part of them. My first response is that he has to be crazy. But another part of me asks do I want to be like Jesus? How badly do I want to be like Jesus? Enough to read the gospels every week?
My prayer is that my desire to want to be like Jesus will increase.

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