Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Wrongful love

The other night I watched V for Vendetta. It was an interesting movie. The part that fascinated me was that the bad guys were conservative Christians. I sat and I wondered is this how the world sees us? In the movie Christians had taken over the state and were suppressing freedom. One of the things the Christians were doing were throwing people into jail because they were gay. I felt bad that Christians were getting such a bad rap in the movie. However then I read an article online called Wrongful Love. In the article it mentions how a Christian school kicked someone out because their mother was gay. What a stupid thing for anyone to do. We are called to love. Instead Christians throw someone out because they are associated with someone who does not live as we expect them to. It is important to note that the student was not doing anything wrong. They were expelled because of their mother. This made me think. Sometimes Christians do get a bad wrap in the media. However too often it seems that we deserve that treatment. I know that there are many good Christians doing many good things - and I wish these would be highlighted more in the media. But the reality is that sometimes people who call themselves Christians are really stupid, unloving, hateful, arrogant losers. Makes a person wonder why God still loves and uses us.

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