Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Last night I went to folklorama with some friends. It was really good. We went to the African and Caribbean pavilions. The performances at both places mainly consisted of dancing. Though at the Caribbean one there was the limbo and steel drums. Dance and culture appear to be mixed together. In fact as I looked through the book the two things that were common at every place were dancing and food (with the exception of the Belgian pavilion - they were all about beer and food). Food and culture going together makes sense because we need to eat to live. And food would become linked with culture because different cultures eat different food due to their location. However dancing and culture? It is almost as if human beings have an intrinsic need to dance. Like we need to express ourselves in some way and the only way that we can do that is by dancing. Since we are expressing ourselves and we are products of our culture dance and culture mix. If this is true (we need to dance) - which I think is true - then a couple of thoughts come to my mind. Why do Mennonites have no dance? Possibly because we love to suppress all emotion? Second thought is what kind of dance will Canada have? Canadian culture is just beginning to emerge and is not defined. If it does emerge what will our dance look like? Or will we just bring together different dances from different parts of the world?

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Sister C said...

Hi honey

Good insight!

I love to dance .... when good rhythm comes ringing through the air I feel it in my bones.. usually if no one is looking I break into something resembling a dance .... LOL... I pitty you if you've even had to see it... but you know what it keeps me feeling young:) I hope I still dance when I am 82.

we should learn a dance together... if your knees can handle it.