Monday, September 25, 2006


Ever since my family came home from holidays my kids and wife have been wanting a dog. It seems like everyone else has dogs. So my kids have been asking and asking to get a dog. My oldest daughter informed me the other day that she was not a cat person but a dog person.
I have been holding out. I feel like a city under siege. But I developed a plan. The first part of the plan was to get the kids to realize how much work a dog is (I have already convinced my wife somewhat). So one day we were sitting at the table for supper and I began to attacked with reasons we should have a dog. Well very confidently I began my attack plan. I asked "who is going to feed the dog?" The girls said they would. "Who is going to walk the dog?" Once again they would. "Who is going to wash the dog?" They would. Now it time for my killer question, "and who is going to clean up after the dog?" I sat back confident I now had them. My confidence only grew as all three girls sat silent. Finally one spoke up "Well Dad you have to do something." Ok so I lost round one. But I was not finished yet. The next part of the plan was to dog-sit our friends dog for the weekend. This way everyone could experience exactly how much work a dog. My problems began to develop in the fact that I picked the wrong dog. The dog we got was a wonderful dog. It never barked. It was very good with the kids. In fact by the end of the weekend I began to feel like having a dog would be a really good thing. I have a feeling that I am losing the battle. But as of yet we still do not have dog. But if my kids continue to attack I may very well fall.

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thinker songer said...

Dad - dogs are fun!