Tuesday, September 19, 2006


This Sunday I am preaching on Philippians 1:20-30. In this passage Paul talks about living for Jesus the King or dying and being with Jesus. Throughout the whole thing he talks about how he is not ashamed and will not be ashamed. He then calls the Philippians to live their lives like that.
It has been very interesting walking through this passage because my Grandma is dying. Right now she is in the hospital and I have been told that she will not live many more days (in fact I have heard that it may just be a matter of hours - but no one knows for sure). So I have been thinking about the life that my Grandma has lived and been thinking about how Paul tells us to live. My Grandma (and Grandpa) are excellent examples of the type of life that Paul is calling us to live. Through out their entire lives they have sought to have the message of Jesus proclaimed. They have traveled all over the world telling people about Jesus. They are amazing examples of faithfulness to our King Jesus. My Grandma has not always been the one to talk but her life and presence have shown so much about who God is. This of course does not mean that they are prefect. Paul was not prefect either (sometimes I sense in his writing his continued 'shame' at persecuting the church). But the story that captured my Grandma was the story of Jesus. She has lived her entire life inline with this story. When she departs it will be better by far for her - for she will get to be with Jesus. Her death will leave a great hole here. And the reason that it will is because she has lived such a good and godly life.

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