Thursday, September 14, 2006

Knee surgery

On Tuesday I had knee surgery. It was just a minor surgery - they cleaned out some cartilage. But it has me off my feet for a couple days. So I have reading lots of books, playing video games and watching TV.
One of the books I have just finished reading was traveling Mercies by Anne Lamott. It was a really good book. Anne tells it as it is. She has this courage to look into her life and see what she is like and then to write it down so that the rest of us can see it as well. It reminded me that spirituality is messy. I would like everything to nice and neat and simple but it isn't. We are really all messed up people - some of hide it better than others (of course that is just another way that we are messed up). Which means that our spirituality is messed up and is messy. What amazes me is that God still works inspite of all this. He seems willing to get messy with us and work with us where we are at. Of course the whole point is that he is not willing to leave us in our mess. But he also never gives up on us.

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