Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Speaking the Truth

A couple of nights ago I was in a meeting and someone read Psalm 15. The whole Psalm is about who can dwell in Yahweh's sanctuary. It lists a whole bunch of things like: "walk is blameless", "does what is righteous", "no slander" and on and on.
One line really stood out for me. In verse 2 David says that the people who get to live with Yahweh speak "the truth from his heart."
So often when I have read this verse I have just focused on the word truth. As Christians we actually get very worked up about defending the truth. We write books, argue, debate on TV about truth. Looking at my shelf I have books and books that are claiming to write the truth (even though some of them disagree with each other). We are worried about people wandering from the truth. Now I am not saying that these things do not have some value (some more than others). But this verse says that they speak the truth from their heart.
From our heart not from our head. We love to talk about the truth in our heads. But do we speak about the truth that is in our hearts. My head may tell me one thing but my heart may tell me another. Sometimes I know all the right words and answers but there is still a sense of doubt within my heart. Do I speak the truth of the doubt within my heart? Do I express my feelings?
Being in a Mennonite culture I have come to realize that we do not speak about what we feel. If we have a problem we just do not show up. Instead of speaking from our hearts and telling what is wrong in the church (for fear of offending people) we just change churches.
Yet to live with Yahweh we have to speak the truth from our hearts. We have begin to express our feeling to each other. Does this mean that we may offend people? Yes. We do need to have some tact I believe. Not just unloading on anyone and everyone.
On the other side is the reality that we have become ready to hear people speak the truth from their hearts. Our hearts sometimes feel really crappy stuff. Sometimes our hearts are filled with doubts and questions. Sometimes our hearts are confused. Can we allow people the freedom to speak these things?

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