Friday, November 24, 2006

Vision for Ministry meeting Part III

Another thing that happened at the vision to ministry meeting was that Nathan mentioned something to me in passing. But I have been thinking about it a lot. When we were talking about how we can invite people into our church (see the post from a couple of days ago) someone mentioned that we need to make the service more youth friendly. Nathan our youth pastor leaned over and said “What the youth really want is they want to see that God actually makes a difference.” Youth do not necessarily want us to change our musical style (right many young people are being drawn into more liturgical churches). They want to see and experience the power of God. So the questions we need to ask is “Does God make a difference?” As thought about this I began to ask more questions.

Does he actually move within this world like we Christians claim he does?
Will he actually help people overcome addictions?
Does he truly set us free from our sins?
Does he really want to be in relationship with us (a real relationship)?
Is he actually always with us?
Does the Holy Spirit really empower us to live godly lives?
Does he guide us?
Does he really answer prayers?
Does he give spiritual gifts to all Christians?
Does he heal people?
Does he work miracles?
Does he actually discipline us when we do wrong?
Does he make us new creatures?
Does he grant wisdom?
If I follow him will I find a life that is worth living?
Is God real and will he do what he says he will?

We know that the Sunday school answer is yes. But do we really believe that? Do we really live it and pray it? Do we testify about this?


Sister C said...
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Sister C said...

I totally agree with Nathans comment. And i am a question asker too. I love to ask questions(check out my last note on Cindy street). God does show his power, I know He has changed my life.
(ops about my last comment)