Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Thanks God

God is moving in our community and all we can do is say thanks.
Just over a month ago our community was approached by MCC to sponsor 4 refugee families. With only two days decide one of the churches (Seeds) stood up and said that our community will take this on. It was a total step of faith. They believed that this is what God was calling our community to do and they believed that he would supply what was needed. In fact their faith went even beyond this. Within days as we began plan for the arrival of these families they stated that we were going to have to consider what to do with the left overs that God was going to provide. In other words they were not expecting God to just supply the need, they were expecting God to provide so generously that at the end of the process we were going to have sit down and say what do we do with this stuff. That was just over a month ago.
Today three of the families arrive. And God has worked through his people to supply what was needed with left overs. We were meeting today and someone stated that all we have to do is ask and God provides what is needed. For example on the weekend we set up the apartments that people would live in. There was lots of everything however we were missing some beds. A couple of people were discussing what to do. They decided that before going out to buy beds they would wait and see if God would provide. I do believe it was that day that someone donated that beds that we needed. Well we still needed a mattress. So it was decided that on Monday we go and buy a mattress. However before that could happen someone dropped off a brand new mattress. And today I got another call from someone with a mattress (who I have to tell that we do not need it). This story has played itself out over and over again in the month.
God is good. And the people in this community have been responding to the call of God. As I stated at the beginning all we can do is say thanks God and thanks to his people who obey.

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Sister C said...

God is something else, He is full of love and gerousity. I know it full well. Good report hon.