Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Greg Boyd

Greg Boyd has become one of my favorite theologians over the past couple of years. In his blog he claims that he is a Mennonite - Random Reflections

He actually has some interesting thoughts about Mennonites.
Greg states that many Mennonites are "open theists". An open theist is a person who believes that God has plan for the world but does not control every detail. God is going to bring history to its proper conclusion. However he does not know what choice every person will make. He knows all our possible choices and the consequences of each.
What do you think?


Anonymous said...

God definitely knows everything. He even know what we will think before the thought enters our minds. There is nothing hidden from Him to whom we must give account.

Sister C said...

I think .... I am not sure what i think, but I wonder which passages are used for either side of the "knowing coin".

Ben said...

If you really interested in knowing more I would say read the book Satan and the Problem of Evil.
As for verses there are many that are used to support both sides.