Friday, October 05, 2007


Happy Thanksgiving!
A couple of thing that I am thankful for:
  • My wife - who is the most beautiful, wonderful, smart person I have ever met
  • My children - they are amazing and I am so proud of each one
  • Family - wish I was with them this weekend
  • Friends
  • Laughter
  • Health
  • A van that works
  • A house that keeps me dry and warm
  • A wonderful bed
  • Freedom
  • School
  • Books
  • Stories
  • Different languages
  • Enough food to eat
  • Beauty of creation
  • Rain
  • Internet
What are you thankful for?

1 comment:

Sister C said...

-My inspiring, witty and handsome husband
- growing children
- God's grace that is new every morning
- shared knowledge of the internet
- healthy taste buds because i love the taste of good food