Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Check out this video. It will make you think.


Let me know what you think?

Ok this video takes a really long time to load up. Sorry about that.


Mr. Crayon said...

I only was able to watch about a third of the video (I will watch the rest-but it really does take a long time to load) and it got me to thinking:not that we necessarily idolize our pastors/leaders, but I think that time and tradition have led to label their position as one of some reverence. They do bring much to the table, that shouldn't be forgotten. They do a good work in Christ. It is something worth consideration and much prayer though, how we view our leaders in the church. Personally, I think that our pastors, yourself included ,are doing a good job.
I do think that for the sake of the people that are in the current state of teenagerness, a change feels almost necessary in how service on Sunday is done. But you know, that may be way off. May be it's not the sunday service, but still, maybe they aren't getting what they need. God loves, is love, wants us to love each other: what would this look like with the up and coming adults? How are we not letting them know we love them enough to include them? To minister to them and be a part of the body with them? I don't think that it is up to the pastor to "fix" things. The congregation needs to step up to the plate and ask God, "What is it that we lack?"

Just my thoughts here Ben, I'm tired too. It's like 12:52am, and it's been a full, busy day, so if I look back at this comment and it looks like it makes little to no sense, I'll probably write something that hopefully does make sense.

Ben said...

That video is really slow to load up - sorry about that.
Thanks for your comments and encouragement.
You are totally right that God is love and calls us to love each other. That is really the question. How do we love each other? How do we love people who are different from ourselves? If we really did this I think our services will change.