Thursday, September 24, 2009

A child of promise

Jesus is the ultimate promised child. The Old Testament is filled with prophecies about him. The people were waiting and expecting the coming messiah, the one promised by God. Being the child of a promise got me thinking about the partiarchs - Abraham, Issac and Jacob.
Issac was specifically a child of promise - God promised Abraham a son and in his old age he had Issac. However all three of the patriarchs had wives who were barren. It was only a special act of God that allowed them to have children.
Now God once again acts in a special way, there is an even more miraculous birth. We have moved from birth in old age to virgin birth. This is an indication that God is doing something new and amazing in Jesus.
As Christians we believe that Jesus was God's ultimate act of redemption. All of history is summed up in Jesus. Jesus is the center of everything.

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That is very interesting.