Friday, February 26, 2010

Go Canada!

I have an addiction. My whole family has an addiction.

For two weeks now we have been addicted to the Olympics. The TV is on almost all the time. We eat in front of it. Spend our evenings in front of it. Rearrange our lives around it.
And we love it.

My family, in a true Canadian spirit, have focused a lot on hockey.

It was great to see our girls win gold yesterday. They are truly amazing athletes.

We are also really rooting for our boys to do the same. It was exciting to see them dominate the Russia game. We are really looking forward to the rematch against the US this Sunday (we are totally assuming that they will win tonight and on Sunday).

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Pastor Michael said...

It's really too bad we don't live closer. We do the same thing at our house during the Olympics - both summer and winter.