Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Jim Cantelon - how things have changed

Last night when Jim Cantelon spoke he began off by talking about how the world has changed. He argued that everything has changed. He states that people are now more:
  1. Relationally loyal than denominationally loyal. We are committed to things because of the relationships that we develop not because of of the denomination.
  2. Humble than we are proud. Jim said in the past there was a great pride in many ministries but that is becoming less.
  3. Action orientated. People no longer just want to sit and absorb they want to engage.
  4. Focused on authenticity instead of simply productivity.
  5. Focused on having fun not just doing things.
  6. Committed to a sustainable spirituality. Jim mentioned that in the past people's spiritual life was a roller coaster - need to get converted every other week.


Peter said...

I think I should become a Pastor just so I could go on retreats and listen to really cool stuff like this!

Ben said...

Peter you should become a pastor - and not just so you can attend cool retreats (though that is a great side benefit).