Friday, June 23, 2006


I have often wondered about the role of the church in helping protect the environment. In the Genesis passage we humans were given the responsibility to manage the world. I would have to say that we have done a pretty dismal job at it. We are destroying the world. Our actions seem to be throwing everything out of balance. I just read an article which states that the rise in hurricanes could be from global warming. global-warming
Now as a church we have been slow to respond to this. Many feel that the environment is not a spiritual issue and therefore the church should not get involved. However I believe that every issue is a spiritual issue. The Bible does not separate things into a spiritual category and real world category. They are held together. To follow Jesus means to follow him in this world seeking to live out his kingdom. Now I do not believe that we are going to be able to establish the Kingdom of Jesus Christ fully here on earth. We are to long for heaven - where the Kingdom is established. As we get more obessed with heaven we will begin to live it out here on earth. I believe that this is the call of the church.
Which brings me to ask: How should the church respond to the environmental issue? Destroying the world is not living out heaven here on earth.
I found an interesting site that measures how much of an impact on earth a person makes.
footprint on earth