Thursday, June 29, 2006

I just came back from Miller's Grad. The first thing I want to say is congrats to all the grads. You guys have done a great job. I wish all the best in the future.
Of all the addresses that were made I would have to say that Don Wiebe's was the best by far. (This is of course excluding the valedictorian. Richelle did a good job). Don talked about being citizens and making the world a better place. One thing that he said really stood out to me. He said to be a good citizen in the 21 century we need to be curious. Don never explained this statement at all. But it made me think what is it about curiosity that makes us better citizens.
It helps us be innovative. We need new ideas and ways of doing things if our world is going to become a better place. For the past several hundred years we have been destroying our planet. It only within the last few years that we are admitting to what we are doing. Though most seem reluctant to change. We cannot keep on doing the same things that we used to be doing and expect our world to become better.
curiosity also leads to discovery. Some discoveries can be used for evil. In fact all of them. But some can be used for great good. Discovery of the world that God has created has the potential to make us better people.
curiosity can keep us alert and alive. It is through being curious that we experience the world, God and others. If we are never curious then we never learn anything new, nothing new about God, others or our world. When we stop learning I truly believe we stop living. To live is to discover and experience.
So I totally agree with Don. curiosity will make us better citizens.

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