Thursday, June 08, 2006

Yesterday I asked what is my Dream? What is the vocation or calling that is on my life? I want to say it is to extend the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. Yet this seems so broad and vague. Extending the Kingdom of Jesus Christ could mean a lot of things - anything from working in politics to being a doctor to working with kids. There was one qoute that our teacher gave that really makes me think. She said that our vocation was "The place where the heart's deep gladness meets the world's deep hunger".
What is my "heart's deep gladness"? Well, one thing my heart gets very excited about is teaching and discussing things. And how does this relate to the "world's deep hunger"? I believe our world is hungering for the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. It is looking for signifance. We want to know that we are making a difference within this world. I believe it may be my vocation to teach people about the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. To let them know that they can live for something greater than themselves.