Tuesday, June 06, 2006

My Dream

Last week I took a course called Mentoring Young Adults. It was a very good course. The teacher Sharon Daloz Parks was excellent. One of the things that we talked about was a "Dream".
A "Dream" is the vision which drives our lives. That thing which guides every decision that we make. It is our calling or vocation. That which gives meaning to everything that we do.
Sharon believes that every person's life is motivated by a "Dream", either intentional or by default. If we are not intentional about our "Dream" then most likely we will buy into the one that our culture gives to us.
One of the things that we did in class was talk about what "Dream" our Canadian culture gives to people. There was a book written called Sex in the Snow which stated that the ultimate goal (Dream) for Canadians was to be happy. And how does our society tell us to be happy: get a house in the suburbs, be in love with someone, have a couple of kids, have a cottage at the lake, take vacations in Mexico (or somewhere warm), be busy, entertain yourself, gratify every pleasure that your have. I summarized it like this - make enough money to buy enough toys to entertain yourself and your family.
This has an appeal to me. But I want my life to matter. Also looking around in our world achieving this cultural Dream (having all the toys) does not really seem to bring happiness.
So the question becomes what have I intentionally committed my life to? What is my Dream?