Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Been reading a book called "Kissing the Leper: Seeing Jesus in the least of these" by Brad Jersak. Brad tells story after story about how God is with the people that we have pushed to the edges of society. And we discover God when we open our hearts to these people.
I have been praying for God to break my heart. I have built walls around my heart to keep people who are too different distant and far away. I don't look to find Jesus in them and with them.
My walled heart has created a place of security for me. I know what is going to happen (at least I think I do). I know who is involved in my life. My fear is that if I have a heart so broken that the world falls in anything could happen with anyone. It feels safer (and most likely is) to keep the walls up. But the walls also keep Jesus out - and so I pray with Mother Teresa

May God break my heart so completely that the whole world falls in.

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