Friday, April 18, 2008

Moved in Infinite Love - Part 4

My friend Ryan posted a comment on this prayer and he noted that God is moved by almost everything and since we are to be like Jesus we are to not remain cold and impassive but be moved. I totally agree.
But how is to happen?
So often I become overwhelmed with the problems of the world. I feel like I would be crushed if I allowed every painful thing to move me. I mean there are so many painful things ... Aids, poverty, children soldiers, human trafficking, destruction of our world, greed, injustice, violence, gangs, abuse, lies, broken relationships, homeless, and on and on the list goes. Often I just stick my head in the sand because I do not know what to do. I know that this is not what we are called to do though. We are called to extend God's kingdom.
Father, I don't what to do with all the problems of the world, move me. Specifically father move me in compassion to the pain of those who are in relationship with me.

I also believe that we are not only to be moved by the painful things in our world, we are also to be moved by the good things. The bible tells us to be thankful and to rejoice.
Father I give thanks for my children who bring so much energy into my life, my wife who loves me so much, for health to ride to work, a nice bike, the sun shine, birds, computers, friends, the many different colors, books, Fruit Loops. Father move me to see you and your blessing so that I will always give thanks to you.

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