Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Moved in Infinite Love - Part 3

Soren prays
"submitting ourselves to the discipline of Your unchangeableness, so that we may in unconditional obedience find our rest and remain at rest in Your unchangeableness."

What does it mean to submit ourselves to the disciple of God's unchangeableness?
Too often I have sought to change God - to remake him in an image that I find more pleasing and less offending. I try to make God to be a god who hates my enemies instead of loving them and who never seeks to change me or demands anything from me.
One of my struggles is resisting this temptation to change God and just allow him to be God. My prayers too often are asking God to change his character. "Bless me but don't shape me." "Do things my way and not your way."

In what way does unconditional obedience help us find rest and remain at rest in God's unchangeableness?
Unconditional obedience is a sign of trust. If there are conditions to obedience then we do not fully trust God. And we can trust God because his character does not change.
Rest is the result of trust. When I first went sailing the wind caused the boat to slightly lean over. I sat in the cabin holding on to a metal pole convinced that I was going to die. I was not at rest because I did not trust the boat. Eventually I would stand on the very front of the boat completely at rest because I trusted.
Trusting God results in resting and I learn to trust God when I obey him unconditionally.

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